Diane's Bio

Diane Bator

Diane is a married mom of three who chose to bloom where she was planted. Over the past several years, Diane rekindled her passions for writing, painting and dance. She has always been a writer and storyteller. She is most proud of a poem she wrote in ninth Grade that was published in the school newspaper. In Grade 10, Diane won a Valentine's Day Poetry contest held by the Edson Leader.

She joined the Headwaters group in April 2007 and thrives the support, friendship and encouragement. Since joining the group, she has written three adult novels and has had several articles published in Mid-Bits Magazine. She also writes poetry and song lyrics for her father Joe Rondeau, a musician in Alberta and has several songs registered with the Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency Ltd. www.cmrra.ca

In her spare time, Diane works part-time at a financial institution, volunteers at her children's school, and tries to struggles to keep up with the laundry.

Diane is an avid hiker, Reiki Master, and martial artist, who loves to make a mess in the kitchen and put in the garden. Joining a writing group was the catalyst for coming out of the creative closet and writing her first murder mystery series, Wild Blue Mysteries. She lives in Southern Ontario with her husband, three kids, and a cat who thinks he's a Husky.

You can find her Blog at: http://dbator.blogspot.com/